Submission Procedures


  • Authors must, where applicable, identify the thematic volume and the subject area (section) that they wish to submit their article in.

  • They must then upload their manuscript in the pre-publication category to an open-access data repository (ArXiv, Hal); for HAL, an abstract is sufficient; for ArXiv, we invite authors to publish only a short version of the article in preprint; in both cases, do not use the JIMIS graphic charter for the V1 version; any type of format is accepted.

  • If authors do not have an account on the Episciences platform, they must create one ("create an account" box at the top right of the screen).

  • The last name, first name, a valid email address, a login and a password are required to connect to the archive deposit sites; the JIMIS login is the same as the HAL login.

  • When submitting via JIMIS, you will be asked to enter the publication identifier provided by the repository (hal-000000 for HAL, arXiv:0000.0000 for arXiv). You will also need to specify the repository and version number concerned.

  • The system automatically retrieves the metadata and the article can be submitted to JIMIS in its long version.

Authors must sign a non-exclusive copyright assignment contract. 


1. Step via HAL ( or arXiv (

The article must be submitted via HAL in the section: "Pre-publication, working document".
 The article must be submitted as a downloadable PDF.
 Make sure to note the assigned filing number which will then be used again for the submission via HAL.

2. Step via Episciences (

Once the article has been submitted in V1 via HAL or arXiv, the authors submit it to JIMIS by logging on to the JIMIS page under their HAL or Episciences account.
Click on the "submit an article" or "soumettre un article" heading then fill in the sections (including the HAL or arXiv filing number).
For more details, see the window under JIMISand 

3. Step via JIMIS: evaluation process

 The articles are then entered in the JIMIS evaluation process and managed by the editorial committee on the dedicated platform.

4. Final publication step 

At the end of the review process, the authors produce the final version of the article (V2 or higher). Once again, the authors must repeat steps 1 & 2 for this version to be published.