Review Grid

Reviewers evaluating JIMIS articles follow the following grid:


Evaluate whether the article fits well into the theme of the special issue in which it was submitted, and whether its page count is within the range required by the editors or guest editors.

Qualitative assessment.

Form and readability

Evaluate the form of the article. Are its objectives, methods and results clear? Is it well structured? Is the language mastered?

Quantitative evaluation of coefficient 1.


Assess whether the article is up to date in terms of its references and positioning; if necessary, indicate to the authors which publications should be consulted and added.

Quantitative evaluation of coefficient 1.

Scientific quality

Evaluate the scientific contributions and limitations of the article. Provide details and arguments for your analysis.

Quantitative evaluation of coefficient 2.

Level of expertise

Give here the confidence you place in your expertise on the article evaluated.

Qualitative assessment.

Overall judgement

Final qualitative assessment of the paper submitted: to be published / to be published with minor changes taken into account / to be published if major changes are taken into account / rejected.