Scientific Fields

Articles submitted in JIMIS’ predefined scientific fields

JIMIS subject areas are scientific fields identified by the journal and its contributors as fertile ground for innovation and advances in interdisciplinary research. 

Authors can propose articles in these subject areas, which correspond to the "sections" of the JIMIS online site and must be chosen from the list proposed.

From 2023 onwards, JIMIS will offer several sections corresponding to the subject areas:

  • Subject Area 1: Interdisciplinarity as a field of research

  • Subject Area 2: Geographic information sciences

  • Subject Area 3: Graphs and Networks

  • Subject Area 4: Integrative Health

The subject areas are led by editors. They can evolve. They can be added or removed as the journal evolves.

Articles with interdisciplinary scientific content submitted outside the JIMIS scientific fields

Articles can also be published outside these predefined interdisciplinary fields, as long as the articles correspond to the journal's objectives (see "introduction" menu), in particular with regard to their co-authorship and their strong interdisciplinary positioning.

In this case, authors must choose the section outside of predefined scientific fields.