Founded in 2016, the Journal of Interdisciplinary methodologies and issues in Science (JIMIS) is an international peer-reviewed journal in French and English. JIMIS takes an original approach to scientific themes and issues that cut across disciplines. The journal supports interdisciplinary research developed using a systemic approach or crossing disciplinary points of view. It is organised into subject areas led by one (or two) editor(s) who provide fertile ground for interdisciplinarity. Within each subject area, articles are published on an ad hoc basis or in special issues by guest editors. The subject areas cover more or less vast fields: interdisciplinarity, geographic information sciences, graphs and networks, etc.

Two types of articles are published in JIMIS:

- on an ad hoc basis, articles co-authored and co-signed by authors from significantly different disciplines who have developed highly cross-disciplinary research. These articles may fit directly into the JIMIS subject areas, or they may constitute research that meets the journal's interdisciplinary criteria, outside the predefined subject areas. The journal gives priority to methodological and reflective dimensions.

- special issues address an interdisciplinary, thematic or methodological question. The authors involved respond, either through the prism of their disciplinary vision or through an interdisciplinary approach, similar to that of the ad hoc articles. They set out their point of view on the question, the approaches and methods they use to answer it and the epistemological foundations specific to their disciplines that are related to it. The comparison of methods and results on the same subject is also a source of scientific reflection. Guest editors develop these special issues, which may (or may not) fit into the subject areas covered by the journal.

JIMIS is completely in the spirit of the diamond model’s open access: free for submitting authors, free for consultation and downloading. The journal relies on online scientific archives, especially HAL, to promote open science and facilitate access to online knowledge.

The JIMIS journal is managed by the Éditions Universitaires d’Avignon (EUA) from Avignon University and is supported by the CNRS Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2023-2024.

JIMIS is referenced in: Sudoc, Mir@bel, Sherpa Romeo, ROAD, OpenAlex.