Process and Ethics

The Steering Committee of JIMIS is formed by international scientists:


DARBELLAY Frédéric Switzerland Prof Education scientist Genève
DAVIES Claire UK Prof Psychologist Univ. of Nottingham
JENSEN Henrick J. UK Prof Complexity science Centre for Complexity Science
Imperial College London
JOSSELIN Didier France Dir. Research, Editor in Chief Geography CNRS, University of Avignon  
KOHNO Masaru Japan Prof Economy Waseda institudte for advanced studies
MEUNIER Jean-Guy Canada Prof Philosophy UQAM Montréal
MUDU Pierpaolo Germany Manager Epidemiology World Health Organization, Bonn
PATRAS Frédéric France Dir. Research. Maths Laboratoire JA Dieudonné
PEETERS Dominique Belgium Emerita Spatial econometrics Université de Louvain
PETITJEAN Michel France Senior Researcher Bioinformatics Université de Paris (ComUE)
REBAI Noamen Tunisia Prof Geology, environmental sciences Univ. de Tunis, Sfax
SECK Diaraf Senegal Prof Computer science, Op. Research Université Cheikh Anta Diop
THERAULAZ Guy France Dir. Research. cognition, computer science CNRS Toulouse
THERIAULT Marius Canada Emerita Geography, planning Université Laval, CRAD
WEDEMANN Roseli Brasil Prof Computer science, Op. Research University of Sao Paulo


In relation with the Editor in Chief and the Invited Editors, the Steering Committee is in charge of:

- gearing and developing the journal activity (monitoring scientific trends, looking for possible invited editors according to appropriate research interdisciplinary events, workshops or conferences);

- accepting or rejecting editorial propositions in JIMIS according to their journal relevance and validating the invited editors to volumes;

- validating the editorial boards proposed by the invited editors and verifying there is no conflict of interest in reviewing;

- validating the final volume before uploading online.