For Authors



1. First stage with HAL ( or arXiv (

You first have to upload your paper as a preprint (e.g. HAL's window). Please use standard submission formatting, in particular with numbered lines.  Do not use the final version templates from below.
Note the HAL or arXiv id provided by the preprint server, as it will be needed at the second stage.

2. Second stage with Episciences and JIMIS (

Once the V1 of your paper has been uploaded on HAL or arXiv and validated by the editorial service, connect to JIMIS by creating or using your account (this may be the same as the one in HAL or Épisciences).
Then click on "Submit an article" and fulfil the form (including the HAL or arXiv ID).
For details, please see JIMIS window and 

At this time, your paper is in the reviewing process of JIMIS driven by the editorial committee.
If your article is accepted, it then appears in JIMIS in V2 version with the appropriate finalized guidelines (including meta-data).



Warning: the following guidelines must not be used for the original submission, but only for the final version of the accepted article.

To write your final paper (once accepted), you must use the English template, which is proposed under 3 different formats:



  • First, authors must identify what is the volume to which they want to submit their article; the process must be open and submission must be possible ; the authors must contact the guest editors to check if their proposition fits the issue

  • They can upload their first version V1 of the paper as a preprint onto an open access archive site (ArXiv, Hal) and keep in mind the preprint ID (hal-000000 for HAL, arXiv:0000.0000 for arXiv) ; using HAL, a simple abstract is enough to start the version V1 ; for ArXiv, a short paper is mandatory ; in both cases, authors must not use the JIMIS guideline templates and the preprint must be much shorter than the final accepted version

  • Then authors have to create an Episciences account (using the JIMIS website for instance): first name, family name, email, login and password are mandatory

  • To submit a paper to JIMIS, authors must log on JIMIS website and click on « submit a paper », select the appropriate preprint ID, archive site and volume title ; connection IDs are identical fot both HAL and JIMIS

  • Metadata will be automatically downloaded: the paper is then under the reviewing process of JIMIS (V2)


For more information, please see: