Andrey Grunin - Political network of central power agents: case of missi dominici

jimis:5636 - Journal of Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Issues in Sciences, July 22, 2019, Vol. 5 - Graph and network analysis -
Political network of central power agents: case of missi dominiciArticle

Authors: Andrey Grunin ORCID1

This study offers several models of social network analysis to examine the organization of central power agents, missi dominici, during the Early Middle Ages. Enriched by statistical analysis, different research hypotheses based on the current historiographical positions have been substantiated. On the one side, the network analysis allowed to highlight the evolution of network structure throughout the studied period and to observe a change in the framework of agents transition between reigns. On the other side, the statistical exploration of the relations between the agents and the places of their assignments confirmed some amplification, with time, of a tendency to recruit the agents among the local aristocracy. Finally, several difficulties related to the analyzing of missing data provided by fragmentary historical records as well as to modeling a complex multimodal political network were mentioned.

Volume: Vol. 5 - Graph and network analysis
Section: Subject Area 3: Graphs and Networks
Published on: July 22, 2019
Accepted on: July 22, 2019
Submitted on: July 22, 2019
Keywords: Political networks,Network analysis,Bipartite graphs,Affiliation networks,Missi dominici,Réseaux d’affiliations,Graphes bipartis,Analyse de réseaux,Réseaux politiques,[SHS.HIST]Humanities and Social Sciences/History,[INFO.INFO-SI]Computer Science [cs]/Social and Information Networks [cs.SI]

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