Rémy Lestienne - Use of the time variable by the brain

jimis:5513 - Journal of Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Issues in Sciences, May 30, 2019, Vol. 7 - The Time era - https://doi.org/10.18713/JIMIS-160419-7-9
Use of the time variable by the brainArticle

Authors: Rémy Lestienne 1

The computational function of the neuronal discharge rates in the processing of information by the brain today seems improbable, even though the principle of psychoneural identity has led to remarkable practical results. Coincidence detection, coherent oscillations of neural territories, phase locking and/or phase advances in neuronal timing suggest the use by the brain of a precise time coding. This code, however, perhaps do not aim at a precise description of the environment, but rather at the statistical characterization of the causes of the received stimulations, taking into account the wealth of acquired knowledge, in a typically Bayesian processing of information.

Volume: Vol. 7 - The Time era
Section: Subject Area 4: Integrative Health
Published on: May 30, 2019
Accepted on: May 30, 2019
Submitted on: May 24, 2019
Keywords: [SCCO]Cognitive science,[SCCO.NEUR]Cognitive science/Neuroscience

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