Philippe Guillemant - The cybernetical time

jimis:5454 - Journal of Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Issues in Sciences, May 14, 2019, Vol. 7 - The Time era -
The cybernetical timeArticle

Authors: Philippe Guillemant 1

  • 1 Institut universitaire des systèmes thermiques industriels

We consider the two mainstream cosmological models that can be derived from the two physical theories that are the best verified by experiments: general relativity and quantum mechanics, though they are incompatible and a major challenge in physics is to find how to reconcile them. The first model is the block universe, which is considered today as the best way to represent our space-time, if we accept all consequences of general relativity, which seem to imply in particular that our future is already realized and cannot change. The second is the Everett multiverse model, whose most popular interpretation is that it contains all alternative possibilities to conduct our life at our human level (with as many copies of our individual consciousness). Our purpose in this article is to show that the incompatibility between the two mainstream theories could be solved in its global principle via a cybernetical conception of time, through which the block universe would be made flexible. For this purpose, we show that the 6 extra dimensions of space-time we introduced in a previous paper (Guillemant 2018) could be used to coordinate space-time from its outside, so as to make it evolve in the cybernetical time from a 4D structure to any other one belonging to a 10D multiverse. We propose this coordination to be modeled thanks to a 3 layers neural network toy model, using two additional layers corresponding to the necessity to parametrize the choices of paths and destinations so as to restore determinism. The main interest of this approach is to maintain the possibility of a relative free will in our universe.

Volume: Vol. 7 - The Time era
Published on: May 14, 2019
Accepted on: May 14, 2019
Submitted on: May 14, 2019
Keywords: space-time,multiverse,determinism,time lines,future,paths,free will,neural network,consciousness,extra dimensions,[PHYS]Physics [physics]

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