Contextualisation Numérique

1. Contextualizing Geometric Data Analysis and Related Data Analytics: A Virtual Microscope for Big Data Analytics

Murtagh, Fionn ; Farid, Mohsen.
The relevance and importance of contextualizing data analytics is described. Qualitative characteristics might form the context of quantitative analysis. Topics that are at issue include: contrast, baselining, secondary data sources, supplementary data sources, dynamic and heterogeneous data. In […]

2. Active learning in annotating micro-blogs dealing with e-reputation

Cossu, Jean-Valère ; Molina-Villegas, Alejandro ; Tello-Signoret, Mariana.
Elections unleash strong political views on Twitter, but what do people really think about politics? Opinion and trend mining on micro blogs dealing with politics has recently attracted researchers in several fields including Information Retrieval and Machine Learning (ML). Since the performance of […]